The 2nd Amendment

Looking over the net, like I happen to do actually quite a bit, I have found a lot of people that actually do not know, or understand the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.  I have even seen it commented, “… and are YOU in the militia?  How can you own a weapon if you aren’t in the Army, or one of the other armed forces groups?”  Seriously, I actually read that on a youtube post.  Astonishing isn’t it?  I could actually fill a whole blog post up with all the “out-takes, bloopers, and catch reels” you can find in response to peoples opinions about the 2nd Amendment.  So here are some pretty good words to live by:

The 2nd Amendment was put in the Bill of Rights because our forefathers had just come out of a very costly war to get to the point that gave them the RIGHT to put pen to paper declaring our sovereignty. So it was well ingrained in their minds just how important having weapons were. They didn’t forget that the King (King George the third, not Obama) had attempted to confiscate all the weapons. The “colonist” refused to give up their arms, even if it put them at the peril of becoming felons (out laws) to the current police. This attempt to confiscate weapons was one of the major contributing factors that put the colonist at war against the King. In the minds of our forefathers the “shot heard around the world” would never have happened had they acquiesced to the ban on guns. So they wanted all the generations to follow to understand that whatever the police had available to them, then the citizenry should also be allowed to own without struggle or danger. When I say “danger” here, it means to be able to own without the fear that you will be ridiculed, persecuted or your family endangered by others for owning a weapon. That includes to be without fear that the police will break your door down and take you and your family prisoner, without warrant, without charge, and have you wind up in a hell hole named Guantanamo Bay for the rest of your life. Under current law, the Federal Military CAN NOT be used on civil disobedience on US soil. However, with the mounting number of executive orders that have been put in service, that may change. Then the words of our forefathers take on a whole new meaning, because it was ALWAYS their intent that the citizenry be able to keep step with whoever got in their way to stop tyranny. So IF the military becomes an “option” for use against the people inside the USA, then the 2nd Amendment will mean that ANY weapons the military has, should also be readily available to the citizens. So the “line” as so many people put it, will change drastically. But for right now, it means “whatever the police have, the citizens can have.”

Now we come to the “shall not be infringed” part of the Amendment. Actually BY LAW (of the land) the whole “FFL” licensing thing is TOTALLY against the law. I would even interject that the “taxation” that occurs when you purchase a weapon is illegal. Yes, I said that. The purchase of firearms should be TAX FREE!! That should give you an idea of what the 2nd amendment has to offer, and how truly very powerful it is. At this point I should be able to point out with confidence that owning weapons in the USA isn’t just a “hobby”, and not just “heritage”, but is a right that should be taken so seriously that it should be considered an OBLIGATION. IF you want to live in a free land, you SHOULD own them. And a lot of them, because you just might need them.  You should teach your children how to use and care for them. I was shooting when I was 5. It gave me a big advantage when I went into the military. Later, we will talk about how the 2nd Amendment is “INALIENABLE”, but that is a long subject, so it will have to wait.

That brings us to the fact that politicians NEVER want to talk about. The reason for all of this, the reason we have a 2nd Amendment. The reason individuals will fight for it to the point of forfeiting their life for it. The weapons are to be used to save our country if tyranny takes hold and it becomes evident that there is no way to abolish it. We are to use our weapons, and force the politicians to understand that this IS a free country and we will NOT allow it to be anything BUT a Constitutional Republic. That is why there are so many heated debates these days. Our country has become an Oligarchy that uses democracy as an illusion so that the people believe they have some kind of control. It may be possible to reverse the damage that has been done to our country, but every day it looks less and less like it can be done peacefully. We (the people) were too quiet for too long. We were too trusting. We allowed bad things to happen, like the patriot act to be put in place because we were hurt, and angry, and we were told that if they (the government) could do that one thing for a year or two, we could find these “bad guys” and then we would repeal the patriot act. See how all of this starts to tie together? These weapons that our politicians are fighting so hard to make illegal are to be used on them. The politicians, the ones that have started the avalanche of policies that are moving our country away from a Constitutional Republic. The ones that have crated the atmosphere that makes ALL civilians the “enemy” in the eyes of every cop in the land. THEY are the ones these guns are for. And they damn sure don’t want to say THAT on camera.  It’s also the reason why so many POLITICIANS want the guns taken away from the civilians. They are afraid that we just might decide to use them one day.

But there is ONE more thing about it, that no one seems to ever talk about.  The Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights is an INALIENABLE right.  This means it cannot be amended, it cannot be appended, molded, folded, spindled or mutilated, it cannot be judged, stricken, or suppressed. The Supreme Court has no say as to what it represents, or how much power it holds. It cannot be “voted” out. (Because we do NOT live in a democracy, we live in a Constitutional Republic) All laws that have been developed that are “restrictive” to the second amendment should be repealed. This means there should no longer a “background” check required to sell a weapon, where the information is “stored” so that your purchase of a weapon can be called up at any time. There should be no taxes involved in selling a weapon. However a dealer has the right to turn down the sale of a weapon if he so desires to do so. It IS illegal to sell a weapon knowing that it is to be used in a crime. It is still illegal to purchase a weapon if you have been in jail for over a year, or committed a felony at any time. An individual must be 18 years of age or older to purchase or sell a weapon. So it is to the best interest of the weapon sellers to do a background check on individuals purchasing a weapon. The institutes that have the information (NICS) should NOT maintain a data base on the weapons sellers checks. It should be a FEDERAL CRIME to compile, maintain, or distribute a database of individuals that have purchased or own weapons. This includes the NSA and any other agencies in the US Government. Anyone with this database or one similar to it, it is recommended it be destroyed immediately since it should hold a 5 year prison sentence for having it. THAT IS MY TAKE on what the 2nd Amendment means. While I can not account for what others think about it. I’m pretty sure I have one or two people that would stand with me on this.bazooka

So when Nancy Pelosi ask you, “Explain to me why you need a BAZOOKA!!!!!” Please, be my guest, feel free to explain it to her, and if the government has decided to use the military against citizens, then by all means, take a Bazooka and shove one up her nose and explain it to her.


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In Response to Kerry Squirming out of his duty to testify at the Benghazi hearings

The reason Kerry didn’t want to testify, is because he doesn’t want to leave any “crumbs” for Gowdey to follow up with, in the more important hears, the “Select Committee” which could bring a form of political Death to all that stand in the way of the truth.  This is particularly true for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic hopeful for 2016.  And with Gowdey heading it, “they” (those that lie) have good reason to try to crawl in a hole to hide.  If you have never seen Trey Gowdey in action, go to youtube and check out some of his question sessions he has already done.  He is a pit bull that doesn’t know how to let go once he has grabbed on.

While the Oversight Committee has done a good job (albeit extremely slow due to the stonewalling they got from the Obama Administration), they have uncovered almost all of the pertinent information to form real conclusions.   The Select Committee has more legal authority, and more consequences than the Oversight Committee.  Obama and his staff have good reason to fear the upcoming sessions with the Select Committee, especially with the additional support that the Judicial Watch Group has managed to provide.

Did you know that because of a FOIA that Judicial Watch did, a naval Chart was found, showing on the day of the Benghazi incident, there were TWO aircraft carriers right off the Coast, with their usual escorts of over a dozen ships including Destroyers and Cruisers?  That takes the statement from the Obama Administration of “there was no way to get support to them regardless.” and paints the true picture of it as just ANOTHER big lie from the Obama Administration.  The truth it turns out is that there could have been support in UNDER 30 MINUTES.  This means that those men were simply left to die on purpose.  I say “on purpose”, but technically, you would say “out of neglect”.  The reason is because on the evening of the Benghazi attack, the president was tired, and decided instead of going to the situation room and overseeing what was happening in Benghazi, he decided to just go to his quarters instead.  We don’t know if he sent is secretary, or if she decided to go on her own, but she was the only representation of the Executive branch in the situation room.  She doesn’t actually have the authority to give cross boarder support (allow for help to get to the attack) nor does she have the authority to “stand down” (the order to NOT send support).  The result of President Obama being “too tired to deal with it” resulted in 4 men dieing.

So when the question comes up, “What difference does it make?” I think I can safely answer for a lot of Americans, it makes one hell of a lot of difference to uWhat difference does it makes as to who our president is, how he views our country, how he reacts to an emergency, and how he controls his administration.  It makes a big difference to every ambassador in the world, representing the USA in foreign countries, when we have a Secretary of State, that is more interested in her last shopping trip, than in what their needs are.   Let’s not forget Hillary Clinton’s response to the cables that were sent to her, “I did not see any cables from the Ambassador…”  (Not to mention the dozen or so emails).  What do you think the “Select Committee” is going to make of this response?


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The worst part of today.

The worst part of living in America today, is life within a Police State. This is just MORE of “police state” activity. NO you say? I’m off my rocker, you think? OK… think about this.

Recently it was reported about the information the Federal Government is collecting to acquire study information on Mortgages.  This information is collected, and annalized, so government officials can make sense of the trends happening in the housing market.  Tell me, out of this data they are collecting (your name, SSN, All your associated credit cards, your continuing credit score from all three major suppliers, how many children you have, what medical bills you have, all your insurance information… and on and on). Think about how much of it they actually need to draw a graph.  After all, they are a financial reporting agency. They report changes up and/or down where mortgages are concerned. Without being an accountant, (even though I am one), I do know they do NOT needImage – YOUR NAME, YOUR SSN, HOW MANY CHILDREN YOU HAVE, HOW MANY AND BALANCES ON YOUR CREDIT CARDS…… AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. So if they do not need this information, yet they are very “keen” about getting it, not to mention rather “boastful” about doing it, then why do it? Who wants it? Who in the government would benefit from it? Well, that would be the NSA and the FBI. In case they want to “discredit” you, or “disappear” you, or make up one of their famous “Oh he’s a terrorist” claims that put in you in hell forever without being charged with no warrant, with no trial, and not even a phone call to a lawyer (that wouldn’t do you any good anyway because they wouldn’t allow you to see him/her) Are you starting to see the dots connect? We have looped right around back to the “POLICE STATE”. And now, thanks to the WONDERFUL piece of legislation called the Patriot Act, we are totally hung.

I fear reprisal from the Patriot Act more than anything I have ever been involved in. Since I’m a vet, I have run to the top of the “watch list”, and that has become apparent in even everyday dealings in my life.

So I fight. I fight with every fiber of my being against these tyrants. I will continue to fight until I draw no breath. I already lost my legs, I don’t mind loosing what’s left of me. In my mind, this is the biggest battle our country has ever had. Its the one, that will establish not only who we are as a country, but what will become of freedom for our planet in the future. We loose this one, and it could be 500 years before we even get a CHANCE to fight again.  Do you “get” it?  The entire planet is counting on us.  We loose this one, and the whole planet will loose.  I said “it could be 500 years…” but that could just as easily be 2000 years.  That my friends is an awful long time to wait to draw a breath of fresh air.

What lack of responsibility leads to activity like this one?

It’s my fault.  It’s also your fault.  The fault lies with every single freedom loving citizen.  All of us have been too quite for too long, with no voice, and too trusting to people that lie as a course of life the same way the rest of us breath air to live.  Now it’s up to us to either succeed or fail.  But this time if we fail, it will be centuries before we can even have a chance to try and gain freedom again.

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