The worst part of today.

The worst part of living in America today, is life within a Police State. This is just MORE of “police state” activity. NO you say? I’m off my rocker, you think? OK… think about this.

Recently it was reported about the information the Federal Government is collecting to acquire study information on Mortgages.  This information is collected, and annalized, so government officials can make sense of the trends happening in the housing market.  Tell me, out of this data they are collecting (your name, SSN, All your associated credit cards, your continuing credit score from all three major suppliers, how many children you have, what medical bills you have, all your insurance information… and on and on). Think about how much of it they actually need to draw a graph.  After all, they are a financial reporting agency. They report changes up and/or down where mortgages are concerned. Without being an accountant, (even though I am one), I do know they do NOT needImage – YOUR NAME, YOUR SSN, HOW MANY CHILDREN YOU HAVE, HOW MANY AND BALANCES ON YOUR CREDIT CARDS…… AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. So if they do not need this information, yet they are very “keen” about getting it, not to mention rather “boastful” about doing it, then why do it? Who wants it? Who in the government would benefit from it? Well, that would be the NSA and the FBI. In case they want to “discredit” you, or “disappear” you, or make up one of their famous “Oh he’s a terrorist” claims that put in you in hell forever without being charged with no warrant, with no trial, and not even a phone call to a lawyer (that wouldn’t do you any good anyway because they wouldn’t allow you to see him/her) Are you starting to see the dots connect? We have looped right around back to the “POLICE STATE”. And now, thanks to the WONDERFUL piece of legislation called the Patriot Act, we are totally hung.

I fear reprisal from the Patriot Act more than anything I have ever been involved in. Since I’m a vet, I have run to the top of the “watch list”, and that has become apparent in even everyday dealings in my life.

So I fight. I fight with every fiber of my being against these tyrants. I will continue to fight until I draw no breath. I already lost my legs, I don’t mind loosing what’s left of me. In my mind, this is the biggest battle our country has ever had. Its the one, that will establish not only who we are as a country, but what will become of freedom for our planet in the future. We loose this one, and it could be 500 years before we even get a CHANCE to fight again.  Do you “get” it?  The entire planet is counting on us.  We loose this one, and the whole planet will loose.  I said “it could be 500 years…” but that could just as easily be 2000 years.  That my friends is an awful long time to wait to draw a breath of fresh air.

What lack of responsibility leads to activity like this one?

It’s my fault.  It’s also your fault.  The fault lies with every single freedom loving citizen.  All of us have been too quite for too long, with no voice, and too trusting to people that lie as a course of life the same way the rest of us breath air to live.  Now it’s up to us to either succeed or fail.  But this time if we fail, it will be centuries before we can even have a chance to try and gain freedom again.

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One Response to The worst part of today.

  1. priscilla says:

    So true that many Americans are in a lull or want a nanny state to pamper to their every whim. But when the honeymoon is over that is when reality will set in and it will be too late for them.


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