In Response to Kerry Squirming out of his duty to testify at the Benghazi hearings

The reason Kerry didn’t want to testify, is because he doesn’t want to leave any “crumbs” for Gowdey to follow up with, in the more important hears, the “Select Committee” which could bring a form of political Death to all that stand in the way of the truth.  This is particularly true for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic hopeful for 2016.  And with Gowdey heading it, “they” (those that lie) have good reason to try to crawl in a hole to hide.  If you have never seen Trey Gowdey in action, go to youtube and check out some of his question sessions he has already done.  He is a pit bull that doesn’t know how to let go once he has grabbed on.

While the Oversight Committee has done a good job (albeit extremely slow due to the stonewalling they got from the Obama Administration), they have uncovered almost all of the pertinent information to form real conclusions.   The Select Committee has more legal authority, and more consequences than the Oversight Committee.  Obama and his staff have good reason to fear the upcoming sessions with the Select Committee, especially with the additional support that the Judicial Watch Group has managed to provide.

Did you know that because of a FOIA that Judicial Watch did, a naval Chart was found, showing on the day of the Benghazi incident, there were TWO aircraft carriers right off the Coast, with their usual escorts of over a dozen ships including Destroyers and Cruisers?  That takes the statement from the Obama Administration of “there was no way to get support to them regardless.” and paints the true picture of it as just ANOTHER big lie from the Obama Administration.  The truth it turns out is that there could have been support in UNDER 30 MINUTES.  This means that those men were simply left to die on purpose.  I say “on purpose”, but technically, you would say “out of neglect”.  The reason is because on the evening of the Benghazi attack, the president was tired, and decided instead of going to the situation room and overseeing what was happening in Benghazi, he decided to just go to his quarters instead.  We don’t know if he sent is secretary, or if she decided to go on her own, but she was the only representation of the Executive branch in the situation room.  She doesn’t actually have the authority to give cross boarder support (allow for help to get to the attack) nor does she have the authority to “stand down” (the order to NOT send support).  The result of President Obama being “too tired to deal with it” resulted in 4 men dieing.

So when the question comes up, “What difference does it make?” I think I can safely answer for a lot of Americans, it makes one hell of a lot of difference to uWhat difference does it makes as to who our president is, how he views our country, how he reacts to an emergency, and how he controls his administration.  It makes a big difference to every ambassador in the world, representing the USA in foreign countries, when we have a Secretary of State, that is more interested in her last shopping trip, than in what their needs are.   Let’s not forget Hillary Clinton’s response to the cables that were sent to her, “I did not see any cables from the Ambassador…”  (Not to mention the dozen or so emails).  What do you think the “Select Committee” is going to make of this response?


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